Sunday, March 4, 2018

Six Sentence Sunday ~ TSU is all on sale get your peek at UM/SR/BIA

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday! This week, I am giving you a taste and a reminder of all three TSU books! Bearing It All will be available in 11 days! We are so excited, Michele and I can't stand it.

So, without further ado, here are six sentences from Unrequited Mate, Sorority Row and Bearing It All.

Also, all three are only 99 cents for a limited time.

Unrequited Mate:
She jumped to her feet. “Nico!” Her hands fisted at her sides as she watched in horror. “Now. Hit him now! He’s dropping his left hand!” If she could have paced, she would have. Anxiety knotted her stomach, and fear clogged her throat.


Sorority Row:
Jackson clenched his fists, trying desperately to rein in his rage. Bell needed him and Christoph. He’d deal with the little twits later. He came to a halt in front of Bell and her cousins. Each one appeared frazzled and at her wits’ end. “Hey, blondie.” The second her gaze locked with his, the wave of relief wrought with embarrassment mule kicked him. “Looks like you could use a little help.” 

Bearing It All:

“If you think . . .”
“I do.” He kissed her again. “What are you guys doing today?”
“Hey kissy facers, we’re trying to eat here,” Zoe snarked as she threw a piece of toast at them.”
“Emma laughed. “You’ve eaten more than all of us this morning. Something you need to tell us?”

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