Valentine's Surprise Part One

Nico walked into Hayden's room and placed the roses he bought on the foot of their bed. She would be back from class in an hour and he had less time to get everything ready before grabbing a shower.

Bell, Hayden's cousin, promised to keep her busy for as long as she could before they returned, but Hayden, she knew when things were up, and he only hoped, she wouldn't figure it out too quickly.

On his way down to the kitchen, he passed several empty rooms and frowned. His mate and her cousins were working furiously to add more people to their sorority, but they weren't having any luck. 

, he promised himself, he'd do whatever it took to help them out. He wouldn't allow them to lose everything because of some stupid rule and some irritating girl. He stepped into the kitchen and pulled the steaks he bought along with the vegetables out of the fridge then placed them on the counter. He didn't have to do anything fancy for her, but this was their first Valentine's together since the games and their long separation, and he planned to do it right. 

He also had a plan. Mates were mates for life. Nothing changed that, and even though she was still young, he planned on giving her what every human girl also wanted. A wedding. The memory of seeing her all dressed up for her father's wedding, washed over him and a sense of rightness filled him.

Maybe he'd been jumping the gun a little, but as he thought about the ring he bought her, it didn't feel wrong. In fact, it only seemed to excite him even more. His mate would not only be his through his wolf side, but also legally, as his wife.

He placed the meat into the plastic marinade bag, then added the onion, peppers and seasoning. He finished it off with the wet ingredients before placing the bag in the fridge to sit for twenty minutes. It would give him enough time to shower then get the grill going.

Once he was ready, he started the grill, and got to work. The potatoes he placed in the coals from the charcoal, and waited a few more minutes. He knew he was cutting it close, but he would get it all done. While he waited, he set the table. The cold press of the ring against his thigh, sent a thrill through him. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips as placed both of their dishes on the table, then grabbed their glasses, and silverware.

By the time he was done, it was time to throw the steaks on the grill. Hayden would be home in ten minutes. Hopefully, he wouldn't keep her waiting too long....