Zac Cross
225lbs -- Athletic
Light Brown hair
Grey/Blue eyes

Things to Know About Zac:
  1. He's on the track team.
  2. He overcompensates for his lack of knowledge with his ability to bully smaller students. (Very high school-esque)
  3. He's on scholarship, if he fails, he's out.
  4. He's best friends with Hill.
  5. Has a crush on Reagan.
Snippet for Zac:

“Rocky verses Jackson and Alex Verses some dude named Raven.” Bodhi shoulder checked him. “Looks like Christoph took out the trash with Zac.”
Nico nodded. “Good. The more we get them out of here, the chances of us winning this thing grow exponentially.”
Match after match they fought until the final two were left standing. Nico, rubbed his hand across his bottom lip and spit out a glob of blood. Christoph hadn’t held back with him and he paid dearly. Glancing down at his hand, the streak of blood made him frown, pulling the fresh cut. Damn it. Finally after a submission hold, the lion tapped out. Both worse for wear ambled out of the square circle and fist bumped each other.

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