Emma Monte
135lbs -- Curvy
Brown curly hair
Amber eyes

Things to Know About Emma
  1. She's smart. Like, if she wanted to be an Astrophysicist, she could be one.
  2. She's kind -- softhearted.
  3. She's very shy.
  4. She has a crush on Bodhi.
  5. She stands up for what is right.

Snippet for Emma:

Wearing a pale grey Grecian dress, Emma slowly made her way over to their sitting area. Her hair hung in loose curls and a wild flower headband sat on her head. Her bright amber eyes sparkled with merriment. Hayden could see why everyone was upset. She didn’t think the girl could hurt a fly. Her friend, Terri, wore a pale green frock and looked stunning in the gown. “The guys are going to eat their hearts out,” she murmured.
“You think so?” Lacy asked, as she waved to her friends.
“I know it.”

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