Terri Adams
115lbs -- Fit
Red hair
Blue eyes

Things to Know About Terri
  1. She's not a social butterfly.
  2. She likes to be alone, but loves her friends.
  3. She's best friends with Emma.
  4. She's not open with who she likes, but she always seems to clam up around Alex.
  5. Going to college is her first time away from home.
Snippet for Terri:

“Little wolf,” he purred. So lost in thought, she hadn’t seen him scale the wall and position himself in front of her.
“I’m not your little wolf anymore, Nico,” she said, looking everywhere but at him. “You’re also not very original.”
“Oh, you still are. I am going to prove it.” He took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles, ignoring her comment. “Make sure you’re watching me out there.” He gave her a cocky grin, then jumped back down and got back into line.
“He’s dreamy,” Emma sighed.
“Sure in a mangy mutt sort of way,” Hayden agreed.
“He’s not mangy at all,” Terri sighed.