Rocky Mason
240lbs -- Muscular
Dark hair
Brown eyes

Things to Know About Rocky
  1. His family is a rag tag bunch of shifters. Mostly outlaws.
  2. His parents own a bar in town.
  3. He knew the minute he met his mate. He's ready to claim her, but he has to wait for her sister to mate as well.
  4. No one believes he's a falcon. They figured he was something, "bigger."
  5. Never saw himself as a Greek guy. He's a rebel, not a conformist. But, hey, he enjoys his brothers and the "family" life of his fraternity.

Snippet for Rocky:

“Down, Rocky.” Alex pushed forward and put his hand on the man’s chest. “Nico, meet Rocky, Christoph’s partner and part of our team.”
Well damn. “Sorry man. She’s my ma—she’s a friend.”
“She’s my cousin,” Bodhi said pushing past Nico. “And we know about Rocky and Zoe. Her dad on the other hand….” He shrugged.
“Way to stick your foot in your mouth wolf,” she grinned. “I thought you disappeared. What got you out of your hole?”
“Hayden,” he answered. “It’s time.”
Zoe nodded. “So, I guess I’ll leave you guys to it.” She went to her tip-toes and kissed Rocky. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the games. Good luck.”