Jackson Dalco
260lbs -- Muscular
Black hair
Brown eyes

Things to know about Jackson:
  1. Not much to know about Jackson. He comes from a long royal blood line. (won't say who)
  2. He likes Bell...has for a while.
  3. He is one of the last known dragons of his kind.
  4. Has no family. All of them were killed. (won't tell you how)
  5. Is a loner. Most of the people he hangs out with, are those he can trust. If he talks to you, he trusts you. Count yourself lucky.

Snippet for Jackson:

“We were warned not to shift,” Nico said, a little dumbfounded and perhaps a little na├»ve.
“It won’t stopped him. All those assholes care about is getting in as many hits and wearing you down. Don’t for a minute think anyone here has the best of intentions.” Jackson snorted, then turned his attention to stands as the man from the day before stepped up onto the raised dais.
“And you, Jackson?” he asked.
http://a.co/j7XYJ3W“I’m your worst nightmare come to life, but it doesn’t mean I’m not loyal to those who are loyal to me.” The dragon smirked.