Zoe Dryer
120lbs slim
Dark brown hair
Blue eyes

Things to know about Zoe:
  1. Don't mess with her family. She will cut you.
  2. Don't mess with Bell. She will cut you.
  3. She doesn't follow your social norms. So don't get upset when she flips you off.
  4. Chaos follows her wherever she goes.
  5. She likes guys who wear leather and ride Harleys.

Snippet for Zoe:

“Hardy, har, har.” Zoe rolled her eyes. “Actually, I have bad ass pledges and members. We’re Xi Beta Xi.”
“You say this as if I should care.” Hayden gave her cousin a droll stare.
“Eh, it’s just cool to say the name. Xi Beta Xi,” Zoe said, spreading her hands out in front of her as if the name would appear front and center on a marque.
“Anyway, there is a mixer Friday night. You’ll need to attend—”
“Bodhi will be there and so will Christoph.” Zoe jumped in.
Hayden turned her attention to Zoe. “What about you, mouth?”
“I got asked out by one of those falcons, Rocky. He’s hot in that muscular biker kind of way. He’ll be at the mixer. I told him I might say what up, or whatever Friday night.” Her cousin’s gaze didn’t meet hers. In fact the girl did everything in her power to look anywhere but her.