The mating of The Lion to His Dragon pt. 3 Christoph/Bell/Jackson

Bell sat in Zoe’s living room, miserable and alone. Her sister had gone out with Rocky, leaving her to figure out why she’d been jealous and angry. She’d been prepared for this, had encouraged them to figure out what they wanted. They were attracted to each other, but they needed a push. Today had been it, apparently and she missed it. She supposed that was the main issue. She loved them desperately and wanted to see them happy and loved.

A knock at the door brought her out of her thoughts. She stood as the sound came again, followed by Christoph’s voice. “Come on, Bell. Answer the door. Please.” The please she figured had been an afterthought. Her lion had a bad habit of demanding things from everyone around him without realizing the tone he took with them.
However, there was also a softness to it. A hint of worry to his tone. It undid the knot in the middle of her stomach.
“Christoph.” She pressed her palm to the cool surface.

“You should be with Jackson.”

“I’m right here, blondie,” Jackson answered.

She closed her eyes while her bottom lip trembled. “I ruined everything, didn’t I?”

“Let us in,” Christoph whispered.

She gripped the cool brass in her hand and turned the knob. In an instant she was surrounded, engulfed in both of her mates’ arms. The warmth of their bodies pressed to her, soothed her battered soul. She breathed in their scents—Brimstone for Jackson and sweet grass for Christoph. She fell apart in their arms. She’d done the one thing to screw up their moment and they would probably never try again. All because she couldn’t just accept it, when she’d been pushing for it.

“Shhh… We’ve got you,” Christoph murmured, then pressed his lips to the crown of her head.

“Don’t ever do that again,” Jackson snarled, drawing her attention to him. “You scared the shit out of us.” He palmed her nape and pulled her to him. He crushed his mouth to hers. The starved way he took from her, his tongue diving and retreating, set her on fire.

“Jackson,” she whimpered when he pulled back.

“Exactly, blondie.” He went for her again, this time making love to her mouth. The sensual glide drew her to him. He hypnotized her. Made her crave him with each stroke.

“Fuck,” Christoph grunted.

Jackson smirked. “Is kitty feeling left out?” He drew his bottom lip between his lips, and even Bell groaned.

“Kitty is definitely feeling left out.” He turned Bell in his arms then claimed her mouth. The desperation there threw her off balance. Between both men, she couldn’t catch her breath.

“We need somewhere private now,” Christoph muttered against her lips. He grabbed her ass and Jackson’s. “Right the fuck now.”

“I have a room.” She pointed down the hall. “Zoe has one at my place too.” She didn’t know why she told them that. It didn’t matter. She supposed it was nerves or something. Maybe it’s the fact you have two hot-as-hell mates determined to give you something you’ll never forget?

“Perfect. Lead the way.” Christoph loomed over her. His blue eyes blazed with lust and desire.

She guided them down the hall while trying to gather her tattered wits. At first, she’d been prepared for each of her mates to berate her. Then when they gathered her in their arms, she didn’t feel worthy. She’d pulled away from her mates in one of the most intimate of acts, and instead of her apologizing, they’d come to her to give her the love and reassurance she didn’t deserve.

Christoph lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his middle, the hard press of his cock against the seam of her jeans sent a bolt of pleasure through her. His lip curled before he covered her mouth again. His hands went to her ass, squeezing and massaging it while carrying over to the bed she hadn’t used in months.

“Get her naked,” Jackson said, placing lube and condoms on her night stand. “Bunnies? Really, blondie?”

Bell giggled. “Yes. You don’t like them?”

Jackson pulled his shirt over his head, then unbuckled his belt. “You sure you want this?” He didn’t ask her, she knew that. There was never a question about her “wanting,” both of them. Christoph and Jackson, had been another question.

“Yes.” Christoph didn’t take his eyes off her as he lowered her to the bed. “Get naked, kitten.”

She didn’t hesitate. She began removing her clothes. Her heart pounded. Her hands shook slightly as she unbuttoned her blouse.

“Come here.” Christoph wiggled his finger at Jackson who stood near Bell with only his boxer-briefs on.

Jackson padded over to Christoph. “You ready?”

Christoph nodded. “Oh yeah.” He placed his hand on Jackson’s shoulder. “Show Bell what she missed.”

He went to his knees. Bell sucked in a breath. Everything moved in slow, agonizing motion. Jackson hooked his thumbs into the waist of Christoph’s boxers, and removed them, exposing his sun-kissed flesh an inch at a time. Her mouth watered, her sex ached something fierce. The arousal she experienced with them had always blown her away, but this… she had no word for this.

“When Jackson puts his mouth on me, I can’t hardly control myself.” He fisted Jackson’s hair, his gaze locked on Bell. “Finish getting undressed, Bell.”

She hadn’t realized she’d stopped moving until he said something. She stood, yanking down her pants as she went. Her bra and panties were the last to go. She stood there as Christoph guided Jackson to his tip. She whimpered and took a step forward, then stopped herself.

“I have something else I want you to do.” Christoph’s head fell back, and moan passed his lips. “I want you to play with yourself. Touch yourself, kitten. Get your pussy wet for us.”

Her knees went weak. She gripped the edge of her bed as she slid down onto it. “On the bed.” Stupid question she knew the answer to it. But, he made her so… out of sorts. So, needy she couldn’t think.

“Yes. On the bed. Spread your legs so we can see you. Fuck! Uhnn…” He snapped his hips, pushing more of his length into Jackson’s mouth. “So fucking good. I’m going to want this every morning. From both of you.”

Shit. She let out a shaky breath as her clit throbbed. After she positioned herself on the bed, she allowed her legs to fall open. The cool air of her room, whispered over her slick sex, causing her to shiver. Bell lowered her hand between her thighs, and brushed her fingertips over her pussy. She gasped. The electric pulse surged through her body, demanding she continue the sensual assault of herself.

“Christoph,” she muttered.

“Keep going.” He pumped his hips, his cock disappearing and reappearing covered in saliva.

The little moans Jackson made added to the sensations settling over her. Pleasure hummed through her veins. She didn’t know how long Christoph intended to torture her, but she didn’t think she could keep this up for very long. It seemed every time she dipped her finger inside her, or rubbed the hard bundle of nerves, she pushed herself closer to the edge.

“Fuck,” Jackson cursed, rubbing himself through his underwear. He nuzzled Christoph’s sac before licking him. “You gotta help us out here, mate. Tell me you’re ready for us.”

Bell opened her mouth, but Christoph beat her to the punch.

“I am. Go get her.” He helped Jackson up. “Make sure she gets off on your dick. I want her wild.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Jackson smirked as he strutted toward her. His cock pointed up toward his belly button, leaking fluid with each step he took. “I want in you bare, so fucking bad. But, I know we’re not ready.” He grabbed one of the condoms off the nightstand, before climbing up onto the bed between her legs.

“Hurry, please.”

He tore open the wrapper, then covered his shaft in the latex. He covered her body then, kissing and nibbling on her flesh as he settled his weight against her body. The tip of his cock nudged her pussy and her breath caught. She wanted him so damn bad, she thought she’d die before he thrust into her. 

“Always so impatient like kitty.”

Jackson took her mouth, mimicking the way he liked to fuck with long, slow, deliberate thrusts of his tongue. However, when he filled her the first time, he always did it with a single pump of his hips. He didn’t give her time to adjust. He got off on feeling her ripple around him. He confessed his little fetish after the first time they were together, then whispered how her pussy went soft, melting against him as he sat still. She clenched reflexively and both of them moaned.

“You were remembering, weren’t you?” He nuzzled her ear. “Should I tell you this time how wet you are? How even with a condom on, I can feel you coating my dick with your cream.” He drew the lobe of her ear between his teeth and groaned. “Fuck, you make me want to bust inside you.”

Bell arched to him and cried out. His verbal assault of her senses, pushed her closer to her climax.

“Don’t move yet, blondie. Hold it.”

She sobbed. “I need…”

“We know you do.” Jackson glanced over his shoulder at Christoph. “Come on, kitty. Don’t be shy. I’m afraid if I make her cum, I will too.” He slid out slightly then filled her again. A million tiny sparks detonated inside her.

Christoph approached. “Are you sure?” He glanced at Jackson.

“Yes. You can do this. I know you’re going to enjoy it. Just remember to go slow.” Jackson snuggled up to Bell. “This is about to get wild. Breath with me, blondie.”

Wild was an understatement. Christoph held her attention as he worked open Jackson’s rear. The utter fascination on his face, along with something primal, turned her on to the point of pain. It also couldn’t have been easy on Jackson either. Every so often he’d give her tiny thrusts. Just enough to feel good, but not enough to make her climax.

When Christoph breached him… things got intense. Jackson ground his pelvis against hers. He made these hot, unhinged sounds at the back of his throat while humping her. She almost couldn’t process it all. Christoph gripped Jackson’s hips and pressed his forehead to her mate’s back. The almost pained expression on his face, gave her pause.

“Are you okay?”

Both of her mates stared at her. Stupid question. “I don’t know about Christoph, but being inside you with him in me, is almost too much. It’s the best kind of sexual pain I have ever felt. I feel like I can cum and stay hard for hours.”

“I’m not sure I can move,” Christoph hissed. “He’s so fucking tight. It’s like being inside your pussy, Bell. I already know he’s going to make me cum so hard.”

Jackson began to move and cried out. He held her close, working his cock inside of her. Each time he retreated from her, he pushed back onto Christoph’s cock. The scene was… incredible. She had no other words for it.

“Oh shit,” Jackson murmured. “So good. I ain’t going to last.”

“Neither am I,” Christoph grunted. “Why did it take so fucking long.”

Bell cried out, rubbing her clit while he gaze was glued on both men. She could feel her release surging forward, hard and fast. She trembled while Jackson continued to move. The whole thing drove her insane. She wanted to scream at the madness, wanting so bad for it to stop, while also wanting it to last. She couldn’t take it. She swore she’d break into a million pieces.

“Do it, blondie. Get off on my cock. Take me with you.” Jackson shouted as Christoph slammed into him over and over again. “Fuck. Do it Bell. Cum on me.”

He fit his hand between them and pressed down on her clit while she rubbed it. The motion set her off. The first wave drew her under. She couldn’t breathe. It hurt so damn bad, but felt so good at the same time. “Jackson.” She clung to him. Her hips bucked and rolled as she shattered.

“Uhn, yeah that’s it, blondie.” He gave her a couple of more small thrusts then stilled. His cry of release, set her off again.

“Oh shit. I can’t…I can’t control this.” Christoph jerked and shoved deep inside Jackson and roared. His fingernails pierced Jackson’s hips as he bent over him, and bit their mate’s neck. He forced Jackson to throb again deep inside her.

Then he was fucking Jackson again. “Shit. So much.” He ground against Jackson which caused her dragon to do the same to her. The resulting chain reaction did amazing things to each other.
When Christoph finally collapsed both of her mates gathered her up in their arms. She didn’t know how long they lay there. All she cared about was them, nothing else mattered.
“Don’t ever leave us again,” Christoph whispered. “I thought I lost you forever.”

She shushed him. “I should have never lashed out at either of you. We’ve been working to this moment and I ruined it for you. I am sorry.”

Jackson kissed her neck. “Don’t. We surprised you. It’s okay. Today kind of just happened. It’s not anyone’s fault.”

But it was hers. She kissed both of them. “I can’t tell you how hot it was to see you together.”
Christoph chuckled. “I didn’t realize until this moment how it would be. I swear I can’t move, but I want to do it again.”

Jackson laughed. “You’re not the only one.”

They spent the rest of the evening exploring each other. Bell watched some, and participated. If she didn’t think she could love her men any more than she already did, she’d been silly stupid. After bonding together with them she felt the connection between them grow exponentially.

Back at their home, curled between both of them, she knew there was nowhere else she’d ever want to be.