Hill Crawford
230lbs -- Muscular
Blue eyes

Things to Know about Hill
  1. He's got a huge chip on his shoulder.
  2. Is a complete douche bag to Hayden.
  3. Is the Alpha of his pack.
  4. Has a girlfriend, but she's just a fling. His mate is back home.
  5. Doesn't care what you think of him. He's still #1.
Snippet for Hill:

“Tell me you’re not all by yourself, she-wolf. Which sorority are you with?” Hayden turned and came face-to-chest with a muscular jock. She tilted her head back until her eyes locked with his and she sucked in a breath. Stunning. From his amber eyes to his long sable hair and smirk of indifference, he made her body pulse to life. Hayden’s heart hammered. Her fingers itched to touch his body, but she didn’t dare without permission. This fine specimen was one hundred percent grade-A alpha.
“Hi.” Her tone took on a husky quality as she stood before him. “I’m with uh….” Shit, total brain fart moment. What was the name of her cousin’s sorority? She licked her lips and watched as his gaze took on a predatory glean. “Sigma Epsilon Xi?”
“You don’t sound too sure of yourself, she-wolf.”
“Sorry. You startled me.” Made me turn into a bumbling idiot more like it. “Yes, Bell is the President of our chapter.”
“Ah, the little panther.” A hint of arousal glittered his words. “Well, it’s good to have you here. I’m Hill. Your brother, Bodhi said you were looking to get back into the dating game.”
Thank you, Bodhi. I owe you big time. “He might have been correct.”
“Great. I have a friend who could really use a gentle hand. He’s kind of geeky…okay really geeky.” He turned a bit and pointed to a guy dressed in distressed jeans, superhero t-shirt and converse. “I know you could break him, but he’s my V.P. and I didn’t feel right leaving him alone while I got down and dirty with my girl.”