Alex Marquez
220lbs -- Muscular
Black hair
Green - Grey eyes
Black wolf

Things to Know About Alex:
  1. He's the quarterback for Turnskin's football team.
  2. He's friends with Bodhi and Hayden.
  3. Given the right chance he would have dated Hayden, maybe mated her. But he always knew she didn't belong to him.
  4. Can't stand Hill.
  5. He's an Alpha, but doesn't want the duty.


“Issues?” Hayden knew that voice. Alex.
“Nope, not a one.” She watched as Winston scurried off and huddled in a corner with his hobbit friends. “Please tell me they shift into maggots so I can step on them later.”
“I wish, babe,” Alex laughed. His long black hair had been pulled back by a leather thong and he wore his workout clothes as though he’d come straight from football practice. “So, what did Winston ask of you?”
“He wanted to imply, and I’m quoting him here, “He macked on me and he felt me up,” and the coup de grace, he wanted my freaking panties.”
Alex growled and his eyes turned an eerie shadow of gold. “That little bastard. I told Hill to keep his mutts in line, but he’s too busy banging some out-of-towner chick no one likes.”
“Chill. It’s all good. He’s still a virgin, and I’m now in better company. So, which fraternity are you representing?” She followed him over to the giant punch bowl near the back door of the room.”