The Mating of The Lion to His Dragon: Christoph, Jackson and Bell Pt. 1

"Are you sure about this?" For the last few months, Jackson had asked the same question of Christoph and the last few times they'd had this conversation, he chickened out. This had been a gradual progression for them. Kissing Christoph had been invigorating. Different, and so much more when Bell was there. 
"Yes," he groaned. "I think... fuck... I need this. I can't... I can't explain it." Christoph reached for the tab of his jeans.

"Let me," Jackson replied. "Just relax, alpha." He gave Christoph a teasing wink.

His heart thundered, beating wildly against his chest. They were closer than they'd ever been, could Christoph let go enough to enjoy what would amount to his first time? Jackson hoped so. He hoped above everything the big lion could relax.

Jackson fisted Christoph's length then pumped it. His muttered curse, spurred Jackson on. With each stroke, he relaxed marginally and his head fell back against the couch, with a soft thud. His hips lifted as Jackson's pace increased.

He wasn't sure when Christoph became Jackson's dirty little obsession, but he had. However, he never thought he'd actually get this close to him.

"Feel good?"

"Fuck, yes!" Christoph closed his eyes as he threaded his finger through Jackson's hair.

"It's about to get better."

Jackson shuffled Christoph's jeans out of the way and made a sound at the back of his throat when a bead of precum formed on Christoph's tip.

Since mating Bell, the connection between all three of them had grown stronger. Every night they had her between them and every night she watched them make out. In a way, she should have been there now. Yet, neither of them could wait. 

Jackson ran his tongue along Christoph's shaft then swirled it around the tip, causing his big lion to arch to him. He pushed the tip of his erection into Jackson's mouth, and he sucked greedily, devouring Christoph's length with each bob of his head. The heated taste of wild musk and spice glided over his tongue.

His groin tightened. His dick throbbed and his balls ached from the pressure. With one hand he opened his pants to relieve some of the growing constraint. He moaned at the easing, which forced a yelp from Christoph, as he tightened his fist in Jackson's hair. The pinpricks of pleasure scraped across his scalp did little to settle the beast within him.

"Shit... didn't know... so... good," Christoph muttered.

Jackson took him to the back of his throat and swallowed. The vicious snarl accompanying the small thrusts of his hips were like fucking heaven for Jackson. He got off on being used so roughly. The little sounds his lion made, were an aphrodisiac to Jackson's senses. Christoph told him from the beginning, he'd always top Jackson, if they ever got to that point. He hoped they would. 

He stroked his dick to the same pace he'd set for Christoph. Enough to savor the moment, but not cum--yet anyway.

"Do you ache?" Christoph's question had him who watched him through hooded eyes. 

Jackson nodded.

Without hesitation, Christoph took Jackson's cock in hand and began to jerk him off. The gratification made him whimper. He pulled off of Christoph's dick and chanted his lion's name over and over. He couldn't explain how it felt. His heart pounded, his body strained to hold back. It was as if he were a few feet from winning something and all the adrenaline coursing through him, centered right at the base of his dick.

Christoph fucked Jackson's hand, his breather came in heavy pants. His eyes were wild, more lion than human, while his took on the iridescent quality. This was it. They were going to do it. He latched back onto Christoph's cock and began sucking him off again. The unhinged, intense sounds Christoph made, fueled Jackson's lust.

Christoph tensed, his hand around Jackson's dick squeezed. Anticipation coiled within Jackson.

"Gonna blow... can't stop it."

THe door opened behind them and Bell's sweet laughter filled the room seconds before she closed the door behind her. "I'm ba--"


Stay tuned to find out what will happen when Bell comes home to find her mates locked in an intimate embrace. Will she join them? Will she walk out? Find out June 16th!!


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