Winston Charles
160lbs -- Skinny
Brown hair
Brown eyes

Things to Know About Winston
  1. Comic book geek to the extreme.
  2. Superiority complex.
  3. Never scored with a girl.
  4. Has no social graces.
  5. He's a hacker by night and has been known to make enemies among those Winston believes wrong him.
Snippet for Winston:

“Do you know about Gamma ray technology?” Winston asked her while carrying on an animated conversation with her.
Gamma what? “I’m sorry?”
His lips curled into a smug superior grin. “Of course not. Do you even know who Bruce Banner is?”
“Yeah sure,” she answered. “He’s part of that superhero group, Justice League, right?” Hayden floundered for the right answers, feeling a little inferior to the uber-nerd next to her.
“Wow. I asked Hill for a favor and this is what he brings me. A newbie.” Winston shook his head. “How in God’s name have you made it through your childhood or teen years without picking up one comic book and reading it?” Hayden started to answer but he lifted his hand. “Rhetorical question. I didn’t expect an answer.” The bastard might be a geek, but he also carried the air of a beta with confidence. Too bad his body didn’t and his attitude didn’t match his title.

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