Hayden Raferty
120lbs -- Fit/Athletic
Brown hair
Blue eyes -- All members of the Raferty pack have the same eye color.
Timber Wolf

Things to know about Hayden:
  1. She's very independent. Likes being out on her own.
  2. She comes from a large protective family.
  3. She found out she was a shifter when she turned 14--same time she met her family.
  4. She's been in love with Nico since she met him in the police department. He was being arrested, she was lost.
  5. She loves video games. Beats Nico all the time!

Snippet for Hayden:

When Hayden finished reading the letter, she placed it in the notebook marked 2015 and slipped it back in its spot. She kept every letter and birthday card her family sent her. She kept the pictures and newspaper clippings Loraine sent her when her uncles solved high profile cases. And, whenever she got homesick, she opened up the folders and read everything, including the questions only
smothering parents—which were naturally curious about her time away, asked. And maybe they wanted to know if she saw him.
Perhaps she still had a little crush on the guy.
She first saw him in the sheriff’s department the day she arrived in town and her tummy did a funny little flip-flop. He had been behind the counter sitting in one of the chairs, hands cuffed behind him, a sinful smirk on his lips. Bad boy. She knew he’d be trouble, yet the magnetic pull between them drew her to him. Like moth to flame, the attraction had been quick and consuming.