Christoph St. John
250lbs -- Muscular
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Alpha Lion

Things to know about Christoph:
  1. He is the Alpha for his pride. He took over for his sick, yet strict father.
  2. He's in an arranged mating--even though it doesn't work that way.
  3. He desperately wants a cute little lioness, but she won't understand his situation. Her father isn't like his father.
  4. He's a no nonsense kind of guy.
  5. He'll do anything to protect his pride, including doing things he know will hurt those he cares about most.


“How about we talk about this in private. Don’t need another team overhearing us.” With his head held high, Christoph’s headed for the parking lot. “I hope you don’t mind going to a bar. My partner is Rocky and he’s out with his girl.”
Nico’s gut clenched. The last time he’d gone to a bar, he hurt his mate. He hadn’t been back since. Nor had he imbibed any kind of alcoholic beverage. “A bar?”
Christoph glanced over his shoulder as he opened the door to his lifted pick-up. “Problems?”
“No, nothing.” Nico caught up to the guys and climbed into the back with Bodhi. No way he’d tell them about the night not so long ago which ended up ruining his life and sent his mate running from him.
“You’re new to frat life aren’t you?” Christoph gazed at him through the rearview mirror.