The Mating of The Lion to His Dragon pt. 2 Christoph Bell Jackson

Bell had used the word finally about a dozen times that day. This time, as she entered her room it was for the fact the blue prints of their new house had been approved. Her father's crew would be back to start laying the foundation in a couple of weeks then the real work would begin. For now, she wanted to celebrate with her men.

The words were lodged in her throat as she turned to face her mates and found them locked in an embrace. Christoph gave a harsh groan. His features relaxed as he thrust into Jackson's mouth.

She dropped everything in her arms while she stood there, rooted in place. What had she missed, besides the obvious? Christoph didn't take his eyes off of her. Instead of being pissed off or jealous she was disappointed. All of their firsts had been done together, except this. Were they ashamed?

Bell didn't stick around to find out. She hurried past them, going straight for their room. Jackson's soft curs, sent shock waves through her. What did they think would happen? No, she didn't mind them finding comfort in each others arms. What she did mind, was that they left her out.

She figured this would happen between them. She enjoyed watching them together. It excited her. So why did they do this now? Why did they so this while she'd been gone?

"Bell?" Jackson appeared at the door naked and aroused.

"I need a minute," she replied.

He stepped into the room. "You're mad."

She shook her head. "No." Why couldn't he just leave her alone for a minute?

"Then what is it?" He went to her, holding out his hands to her.

She flinched, then mentally kicked herself for being a bitch. The rejection shown in his eyes, hurt her. She had to say something. Anything. "It's not what you think."

He stepped away. "Sure."

Damn it, she messed up again. "It's not."

"Bell?" Christoph entered their room. At least he had the decency to put on some clothes.

"Why can't both of you listen?" She threw her arms up. "I say I need a minute and here you come." She shook from head to toe, anger and arousal slipped through her veins.

"Don't," Christoph muttered.

"Don't what?" She gave a humorless chuckle. "Be angry? Disappointed? Aroused? Kind of hard not to be any of those things right now, don't you think?"

They stared at her, neither of them said anything. What could they say? She knew this moment was coming, she stupidly thought they'd include her though and that was the stinger of the situation.

"Bell, we--"

"I don't want to hear it," she whispered. "I think I am going to stay with Zoe. I need a little time."

"Bell?" The anguish in Christoph's voice, destroyed her.

"I need time to lick my wounds, as selfish as it seems." She walked back out to where she dropped her stuff. "You know, I don't care that you finally did it." She took a deep breath and let it out. "I care you didn't want me here with you."

Bell didn't look back as she left the room. She couldn't be there right now.


Christoph stood in the middle of the room. How had this happened? Regret filled him. She said she didn't care, which should have eased him. Instead, it only added to the anxiousness knotting his stomach.

"We should go after her," Jackson stated, throwing on his clothes.

"No," he replied. "Let her have her moment. She's right. As much as I loved this, with you, we should have included her. We let her down."

Jackson ran his fingers through his hair. "What do you want to do?"

Christoph smirked. "Make sure she comes home."


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