Bell Dryer
Blonde hair
Blue eyes

Things to know about Bell
  1. She is very girly-girly.
  2. She loves her family and is a daddy's girl.
  3. She has a backbone, but is usually very easy going.
  4. Very proper when it's demanded.
  5. Loves to have slumber parties and movie nights. She's full of energy and just plain friendly to everyone she meets.
Snippet for Bell:

“What?” Hayden interrupted her. The fear of rejection in the young feline’s eyes tore at Hayden’s gut.
“Well, the vice president of my sorority, Sigma Epsilon Xi, quit this morning. We’re going to lose our charter if we can’t get more pledges at the games.” Bell frowned.
“So get one of your cabinet members to join you,” she answered, not seeing the issue her cousin was having.

“None of them want to participate. So I thought I’d, you know, throw caution to the wind and promote you to VP and have you join me.” Her cousin gave a tight laugh.

“I’m not a member of your sorority.” Nor did she want the Greek life. It was filled with snobby bitches and drunk assholes. Present company the exception.
“You officially became one this morning at nine a.m. when I added you to our charter, then I held a vote in which you were voted as vice president by default.” Bell grinned.
Hayden groaned. “By default you mean no one challenged you for the position or threw their hat in the ring?”“Luck of the draw I guess.” She shrugged. “Look, I know my sorority can be one of the best ones at this college, but I need your help, Hayden. Please,” Bell implored.

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